Master Programs Committee

  • Mandate

    To provide a forum for collegial discussion and coordination by program stakeholders, including faculty members, students, staff, and academic and administrative support providers.

    To review, discuss and recommend to Faculty Council curricular, program regulatory, pedagogical and other academic issues concerning Schulich’s masters programs (except EMBA).

    Recommendations on the following issues would be discussed, approved, and forwarded to Faculty Council for final approval:

    • Curricular reviews and changes
    • Masters-level policies and regulations
    • New course proposals and substantive changes (e.g., course number, course title) to existing courses
    • Issues related to teaching and learning in masters courses

    Note: When substantive issues are discussed and decided upon that also affect the Undergraduate programs, the committee’s membership may be expanded to include the UG Program Director and Associate Director plus two UG student representatives. In this case, the Committee will meet as the Programs Coordinating Committee (rather than Master Programs Committee).


    Elected Voting Members

    • 1 faculty representative from each functional area other than a program director; the representative should teach in at least one of the masters programs.

    Ex Officio Voting Members

    • Degree Program Directors of all Schulich masters programs; the MBA director will represent all joint MBA programs.
    • Associate Dean, Academic (Chair, casting vote only)
    • Associate Dean, Students
    • Director, Schulich Centre for Teaching Excellence
    • Faculty E-Learning and Experiential Education Leads
    • 1 student representative from each 1 year-program; 2 student representatives from each 2-year program (nominated to the Committee by the Graduate Business Council

    Non-Voting Members (ex officio)

    • Assistant Dean, Students
    • Executive Director, IS&T
    • Executive Director, Career Development Centre
    • Executive Director, Alumni Relations

    Other Information

    Meeting Schedule/Typical frequency of meetings:  Monthly during the Fall and Winter semesters or at the call of the chair

    Quorum:  10 voting members


    The Master Programs Committee comprises a sub-committee for each Schulich masters program to ensure that issues of particular importance to an individual program receive adequate and detailed attention. The results of discussions may be brought to the Committee for a wider discussion or decision-making.

    Membership consists of the following individuals, plus any additional members as determined by the sub-committee. The additional membership may be specific to the issues discussed by the subcommittee.

    Ex Officio Voting Members:

    • Program Director (Chair)
    • At least 1 faculty representative who is a member of the committee
    • At least 1 student representative from the relevant program who is a member of the committee

    Meeting Schedule and Quorum

    Meetings at the call of the chair; quorum: 3 voting members


    Chair:         Prof. Markus Biehl, AD Academic

    Support:     Mel Poteck, MBA Program Office


  • At the call of the Chair.