PhD Program Committee

  • Mandate

    The committee deals with all aspects of the PhD program including admissions, scholarships and awards, student funding, curriculum, student appeals, and faculty supervisory status. The committee also supports the individual academic areas in assessing student progress in the program.

    Recommendations on the following are discussed, approved, and forwarded the Schulich Faculty Council for final approval:

    • Curricular changes for the Ph.D. program
    • New course proposal for Ph.D. courses
    • Substantive changes to existing Ph.D. courses.



    Voting members’ responsibilities for committee participation normally begin in September and run through to the last Faculty Council of the following year.


    • Program Director

    Elected Voting Members

    • A faculty member from each of the six areas that have Ph.D. students
    • 1 PhD student representative

    Ex Officio Voting Members

    • Program Director
    • Associate Dean Academic
    • Executive Director Student Services

    Non-Voting Members

    • Director, Student Services (Non-voting)


    Other Information

    Quorum: Four voting members. The aim is for consensus, but when a vote is taken, a simply majority of those present rules.

    Meeting Schedule/Typical Frequency of Meetings: Two to three meetings per year, usually in October/November and February/March.

    Discussions: All members, including student representatives, are encouraged to participate actively in committee meetings and to consult the constituencies they represent (faculty, administration, or students) for their concerns and their views of issues before the Committee. The Committee welcomes relevant information and views from various stakeholders in its deliberations and decision-making.

    Decision-Making: In general, the Committee seeks consensus in the development of its recommendations. When this is not feasible or when a formal vote is required by school or university policy, motions are carried on the basis of a majority of the Committee’s voting members present.


    Chair & Director: Prof. Eileen Fischer

    Support:               Stephanie Allen, Policy


    At the call of the Chair.