Tenure and Promotions Adjudication Committee

  • Mandate

    The Tenure and Promotions Adjudication Committee is charged with the responsibility of adjudicating candidacy, tenure and promotions applications from full time tenure stream faculty.

    As well, the committee is responsible for proposing refinements to criteria and procedures relating to such applications. Proposals from this committee are submitted as motions for the approval of Faculty Council.




    • Elected by the Committee

    Elected Voting Members

    • core group of 4 full time tenure stream faculty, each elected for a two-year term.
    • Two to three non-core members from every area or program in which a faculty member will be considered for candidacy, tenure and/or promotion, each elected for a one-year term. (Note: non-core members attend and vote only on those files pertaining to their area of expertise).
    • A Ph.D. student representative.


    Other Information

    Quorum:  Four voting members.  Decisions are made by votes, which are normally made via private ballots rather than by a public show of hands.

    Meeting Schedule/Typical Frequency of Meetings:  The committee meets as needed, depending on the number and nature of files to be handled.


    Chair:      Prof. TBD

    Support:  TBD