Administrative Governance

  • The School’s administrative governance structure deeply intersects with its academic governance structure.  The Dean is both an academic and administrative officer.  He is supported by various administrative structures, including Operating Committee and Management Committee. The very important base of our administrative governance structure, however, consists of the Areas. Schulich has two types of areas:

    • Functional areas, such as MKTG or ORGS, and
    • Cross-functional areas, such as HIMP or ENTR (note that these are not programs).

    The functional areas are headed by an Area Chair and house most of the tenure stream faculty, many of whom teach and research across the traditional boundaries of their areas. They may teach in both their functional and a cross-functional area, or courses highly specific to a particular program. The cross-functional areas are headed by Specialization Directors. A look at the responsibilities of Area Chairs and Specialization Directors shows how similar those positions are:

    • Responsible for overseeing the curricular development of the functional or industry-specific or special-topic offerings
    • Responsible for managing the tenure stream and contractual faculty
    • Responsible for staffing the core and required/non-required elective courses offered by the area/specialization

    This is where the matrix structure of our organization comes in — programs (including cross-functional areas) supplying the demand for teaching resources (faculty members) and areas (and cross-functional areas and, sometimes, programs) supplying these teaching resources.

    Functional and cross-functional areas, however, have no formal decision making power in terms of curriculum. While proposals for courses, specializations/fields or programs often emanate from the areas, approval flows through the academic governance structure (Program Committee, Faculty Council, FGS for graduate proposals and Senate).

  • Schulich has the following functional and cross-functional areas (the latter are marked with an asterisk).

    Please click on the area/specialization name for information on its administrators (chair/director and support staff).

    For a listing of which tenure-stream faculty members are associated with which areas, please see here:


    Schulich Research Website


    Functional / Specialization AreaArea Chair / Specialization DirectorAdministrative Assistant
    AccountingProf. Cameron GrahamTBD
    Arts & Media Administration*Prof. Joyce ZemansKathleen Welsby
    EconomicsProf. Irene HenriquesFilomena Ticzon
    Entrepreneurial Studies*Prof. Steve PulverClara Kan
    FinanceProf. Lilian NgSandra Bell
    Financial Engineering*Prof. Ming DongStacey-Ann Felici
    Financial Services*Prof. James DarrochFilomena Ticzon
    Global Mining Management*Prof. Richard RossMary Amati
    Health Industry Management*Prof. Amin Mawani
    Specialization Director

    Prof. Joseph Mapa
    Executive Director
    Clara Kan
    International Business*Prof. Farrokh ZandiFilomena Ticzon
    MarketingProf. Peter DarkeVilda Palmer
    Operations Management and Information SystemsProf. Ric IrvingPaula Gowdie Rose
    Organization StudiesProf. Rekha KarambayyaTammy Tam
    Social Sector ManagementProf. Brenda GainerMaia Saneblidze
    Strategic Management / PolicyProf. James DarrochJoAnne Stein
    Real Estate and Infrastructure*Prof. James McKellar
    Specialization Director

    Andre Kuzmicki
    Executive Director
    Bryna Abtan
    Responsible Business*Prof. Dirk MattenMary Amati

  • BBA Core Courses

    For more information on BBA Core Courses please click here.

    CourseCourse Coordinator
    SB/ACTG 2010 3.00Alla Volodina
    SB/MGMT 1000 3.00Jean Adams
    SB/MGMT 1030 3.00Andrew Thomson
    SB/MGMT 1040 3.00Cael Cohen
    SB/MGMT 1050 3.00Henry Kim
    SB/ACTG 2011 3.00Alla Volodina
    SB/ACTG 2020 3.00Sylvia Hsu
    SB/ECON 2000 3.00Irene Henriques
    SB/FINE 2000 3.00Greg Chiykowski
    SB/OMIS 2010 3.00Adam Diamant
    SB/MKTG 1030 3.0/2030 3.00Ajay Sirsi
    SB/ORGS 1000 3.0/2100 3.0Tom Medcof
    SB/ORGS 2010 3.00/2200 3.0Tom Medcof
    SB/SGMT 3000 3.00Stan Li
    SB/MGMT 4100 3.00David Weitzner

    iBBA Core Courses

    For more information on iBBA Core Courses please click here.

    CourseCourse Coordinator
    SB/INTL 1200 3.00N/A
    SB/INTL 1210 3.00N/A
    SB/MGMT 1000 3.00Jean Adams
    SB/ACTG 2010 3.00Alla Volodina
    SB/MGMT 1050 3.00Henry Kim
    SB/INTL 1300 3.0/2300 3.00Chirs Bell
    SB/ACTG 2011 3.00Alla Volodina
    SB/ACTG 2020 3.00Sylvia Hsu
    SB/ MKTG 1030 3.0/2030 3.00Ajay Sirsi
    SB/FINE 2000 3.00Greg Chiykowski
    SB/INTL 2200 3.00Farrokh Zandi
    SB/OMIS 2010 3.00Adam Diamant
    SB/INTL 3350 1.50Lorna Wright
    SB/INTL 3400 1.50Mike Valente
    SB/INTL 3500 3.00Dirk Matten
    SB/INTL 4400 3.00N/A

    MBA Core Courses

    For more information on MBA Core Courses please click here.

    Course Course Coordinator
    SB/ACTG 5100 3.00Linda Thorne
    SB/ACTG 5210 1.50 Domenic Cianflone
    SB/ECON 5100 3.00Farrokh Zandi
    SB/FINE 5200 3.00Gordon Roberts
    SB/MGMT 5150 3.00Ingo Holzinger
    SB/MGMT 5260 3.00Burkard Eberlien
    SB/OMIS 5110 1.50Richard Irving
    SB/OMIS 5120 1.50 Linda Lakats
    SB/OMIS 5210 1.50 David Johnston
    SB/MKTG 5200 3.00 Alexandra Campbell
    SB/ORGS 5100 3.00Andre deCarufel
    SB/MGMT 6090 0.00James Darroch
    SB/MGMT 6100 3.00James Darroch
    SB/SGMT 6000 3.00 James Darroch

    IMBA Core Courses

    For more information on IMBA Core Courses please click here.

    Course Course Coordinator
    SB/INTL 5100 3.00Alexandra Campbell
    SB/ACTG 5210 1.50Domenic Cianflone
    SB/ECON 5100 3.00Farrokh Zandi
    SB/FINE 5200 3.00Gordon Roberts
    SB/MGMT 5150 3.00Ingo Holzinger
    SB/INTL 5220 3.00Alexandra Campbell
    SB/SGMT 5600 1.50 Alexandra Campbell
    SB/INTL 5200 3.00Alexandra Campbell
    SB/OMIS 5120 1.50Linda Lakats
    SB/INTL 5301 1.50Alexandra Campbell
    SB/INTL 5302 1.50 Alexandra Campbell
    SB/MKTG 5200 3.00Alexandra Campbell
    SB/INTL 54XX 0.00 Alexandra Campbell
    SB/INTL 533X 3.00Alexandra Campbell
    SB/INTL 5550 0.00Alexandra Campbell
    SB/INTL 6060 9.00Alexandra Campbell
    SB/INTL 6200 3.00Alexandra Campbell
    SB/INTL 6600 3.00Alexandra Campbell