Executive Office

The Finance section of the Office of the Executive Officer is Schulich’s link to the University’s Finance Department, which reports to the VP Finance and Administration, Gary Brewer (for a list of senior administrators in that division of the University, please see here).


Executive Officer

Administrative Officer

Admin. & Facilities Coord.

Senior Financial Officer

Financial Officer

Financial Coordinator

Financial and Expense Compliant Assistant

Room / Extension

W362T  /  x 55071

W362X  /  x 44144

W362S  /  x 55071

W362U  /  x 77890

W362V /  x 44309

W362Z  /  x 20606

W362AA /  x 20605

For a full listing, please consult York Atlas.

Please also see the Finance Department’s Information Portal, which contains information on anything from the purchase of a robe to research accounting, plus forms:


Schulich Finance Portal


For access to the expense reporting system (Concur), please see here:


Concur Expense


York Atlas Search