Academic Honesty

Prevention is key. For assignments, please ask student to sign an AH Statement as part of the assignment (e.g., on the cover page). Also consider using turnitin. Students tend to be receptive towards the idea of protecting everyone’s best effort and honesty. Students cannot be compelled to submit their work to turnitin; you may, however, ask them to email you their electronic document instead and submit passages to a web search, if you wish.

For more information about turnitin at York University, please click the following link:


Text Matching for Instructors

It is necessary to be vigilant when giving examinations. Past experience has shown that it is far better to provide proper invigilation than to cope either with allegations of academic dishonesty or with student unrest that can easily develop if there is the perception that examination procedures are lax. The opening of the exam (giving proper instructions both in person and on the exam itself) and closing of the exam are particularly critical periods. Please follow the exam procedures, which help in going through the appropriate steps.

Please also see here for prevention in exams:


Exam Procedures

It is considered a breach of academic honesty for a student to submit the same paper in two or more courses without the explicit, prior permission of the instructors of the courses. For further details, please consult the student handbooks.

Student handbooks can be downloaded via the MySchulich Student Portal (under “My Links”).

What to do if Academic Dishonesty is Suspected / has been Detected

Suspicions of academic dishonesty (such as plagiarism, cheating, or multiple paper submissions) should be handled in accordance with the academic honesty procedures. The full policy is printed in the Academic Handbooks and available on the Schulich website (please see link below).

In short, all you need to do is collect any evidence and report the case. You may indicate to the student(s) that you have submitted their deliverable for investigation, but you don’tt have to do so.  The Associate Dean Academic will take carriage of the case with the help of the Petitions Officer. Please submit/email any evidence and your comments to the Schulich Petitions and Appeals Officer (ext. 22744, Student Services). The Petitions and Appeals Officer will also be able to answer any questions you may have. 

For work done outside of class (such as a class project, independent/guided study, dissertation, etc.) or involving multiple sections of a class:

  • Secure any relevant evidence and write a brief report of what you have observed.
  • Report the matter and present the evidence to the Associate Dean Academic. The ADA will take carriage of the case.
  • Please contact the Petitions and Appeals Officer in the Student Services if you have any questions.

Any broader or atypical concern about academic honesty should also be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean, Academic for guidance.

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