Exam Conflicts

Please note that these procedures refer only to exams formally scheduled by the Registrar’s Office and released on the Courses Web site. If you have a mid-term examination conflict, please be in touch with your professors or the departments who offer the courses.


What is a Conflict?

There are three types of undergraduate exam conflicts:

  • Two or more exams at the same time.
  • Three exams on the same day.
  • Exams during three consecutive periods in 24 hours (e.g. 7 to 10pm the night before, then 9am to noon and 2 to 5pm to the next day).


What if you have an Exam Conflict?

If you are an Undergraduate student and have a final exam conflict as outlined above, you will be notified by a system-generated alert with further instructions.

Please download and complete an Exam Conflict Form from the following page and seek assistance from the Office of the Associate Dean Academic.


Student Services — Forms

For Graduate students examinations are set in a way that largely prevents exam conflicts. If an exam conflict exists please speak with your instructors.  If you need assistance, please contact the Office of the Associate Dean, Academic.