Participate in Research

Professors sometimes look for students to help them in their research.  The student can either receive a stipend for the time spent or conduct the research as part of an Independent Study.  If you are interested in employment as a Research Assistant, please submit your CV to Heidi Furcha in Student Services.  If you are interested in receiving course credit, please read on.

The exact set of learning objectives of an Individual / Guided Study, the means of achieving these objectives and method of evaluation will need to be negotiated between the student and the instructor.


Please download the appropriate form and submit to Student Services, Room W262:


Undergraduate Guided Study Form

Masters Individual Study Form

 PhD Independent Study Form


Pointers.  The purpose of an Individual Study is not to replace existing courses.  It should be designed to have minimal overlap with existing or previously taken courses.  The workload is equivalent to a course of the same number of credits.  Students are advised to give careful thought to the title that they use to describe the course since it will appear on their transcript.  A student may take a maximum of 6.00 credit-hours of Individual Study courses for degree credit.

Offers.  The following are independent study projects currently open.  Please contact the instructor directly if interested, and let us know if you have agreed to pursue it.