Human Participants Research

York University Policy

The Senate Policy for the Ethics Review Process for Research Involving Human Participants states that all university-based research involving human participants, whether funded or non-funded, faculty or student, scholarly, commercial or consultative, is subject to this ethics review process.

The review of course-related, non-funded, minimal risk research is the responsibility of each Faculty of York University, and data on approved research projects are to be reported annually to the York Human Participants Review Committee by June 30th. (Graduate students who are doing major research papers or dissertations must follow the policy established by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.)


Schulich School of Business Approvals

All course-related, non-funded, minimal risk research involving human participants undertaken by graduate and undergraduate students requires approval from the Schulich Human Participants Review Committee before it may begin. As well as other applicable courses, this includes work done by students in the Strategy Field Study, International Field Study, Global Leadership Program, Aboriginal Economic Development Program, and York Consulting Group (YCG).


SSB Human Participants Review Committee (HPRC)

The Associate Dean, Research and the Schulich Research Committee will form the Schulich Human Participants Review Committee, and as such, it will act as adjudicator for approvals before the conduct of such research. Reviews will be done by at least two members of the Committee who are at arm’s length from the student research. The Committee will be available to review any work on an on-going basis throughout the academic year (i.e. reviews will not be limited to the start of the term). The Committee will respond particularly promptly for student work in six-week courses so that the condensed time frames of such courses can be accommodated.


SSB Appeals Mechanism

In case of appeals, the appeals mechanism will consist of a committee composed of the Schulich Associate Dean, Academic and the director of the student’s degree program.



The complete set of forms can be dowloaded from below:

The full set of procedures and forms:
Human research revised procedures 2014

Research involving Human Participation

Research confirmation and Reporting

HRP Form A
(submitted by instructor to the committee prior to the start of the course)

HRP Form B PhoneHRP Form B Person
(used and retained by students for one year or submitted to the instructor)

HRP Form C
(submitted by students to the instructor)

HRP Form D
(submitted by instructor with grade components after completion of the course)