Current Innovation Projects

  • Current Projects at the Schulich School of Business

    Schulich is known for its innovation in management education. Here a list of major projects are currently being pursued (listed in no particular order), in addition to many smaller projects.

    Please let your AD Academic know if you wish to initiate a project; the ADA will help you think it through and ensure that the design meets the requirements necessary for approval.

    ProjectShort DescriptionProject LeadStatus
    Master of Science in Business AnalyticsChange in Name and admissions requirementsMurat KristalSchulich FC (Oct '13); FGS (Dec '13); Senate ASCP (Feb '14); Senate (Jan '14 & Feb '14)
    International MBACompletely re-design the IMBA program to innovate the content, approach and integration with a focus on learning outcomes. Atipol SupapolSchulich FC (Nov '13); FGS (Feb '14)
    MBA ProgramImprovement of integration of the backbone courses -- MGMT 5150, MGMT 5260, SGMT 6000, MGMT 6100 (the '601')Steve WeissIn development
    MBA ProgramNew specialization in Global Retail ManagementRob KozinetsIn development
    Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure ManagementNew programJames McKellarIn development
    MBA ProgramSpecialization in Non-for Profit Management: Re-design of the specialization to re-orient towards social entrepreneurshipBrenda GainerSchulich FC (April '13); implementation 2013/14; rubric change 2014/15
    Master of FinanceRe-definition of core versus elective coursesPauline ShumSchulich FC (April '13)
    MBA ProgramNew course and specialization requirements for Global Mining Management specializationRichard RossSchulich FC (May '13); implementation Fall '13
    Master of Science in Business AnalyticsCompletely redesign the 12-month masters program to strengthen the training and education of Business Analytics professionalsMurat KristalSchulich FC (Feb '13); FGS (April '13); Senate ASCP (April '13); Senate (May '13); implementation Fall '13
    Master of FinanceNew graduate field of studies in Regulatory Affairs for Financial Institutions. James DarrochSchulich FC (Dec '12); FGS (April '13); Senate ACSP (May '13); Senate (May '13); implementation Winter '14
    Master of Science in Business AnalyticsUpdate requirements for Major Research Project and program creditsMurat KristalSchulich FC (Dec' 12); FGS (March '13); Senate ASCP (March '13); implementation Summer '13
    International MBASub-project: Re-design of the professional development track to integrate various components focused on the professional development of a global manager. Atipol Supapol; Phanindra DeonandanSchulich FC (Jan' 13); FGS (March' 13); Senate ASCP (March '13); implementation for Fall '13
    MBA ProgramNew specialization in Private Wealth ManagementMark KamstraSchulich FC (Sept '12); FGS (Feb '12); Senate ASCP (Feb'13); implementation for Fall '13
    Certificate in Managing International Trade and InvestmentUndergraduate certificate for BBA and iBBA students that fills the curricular gaps in these programs as pointed out by various industry experts; objective is to develop business leaders who can successfully manage international trade, foreign investment and global supply chainsBernie Wolf; Elizabeth Maynes & Farrokh ZandiApproved by Senate, Jan. 2013 (reporting to Quality Council by University through annual report); being implemented.
    Master of AccountingDesign and implement a new 12-month professional masters program in Accounting with two streams - an accredited CA (financial accounting) stream and a management accounting streamMarcia AnnisetteApproved by Quality Council; program start in May, 2013


  • Academic Innovation Fund (AIF)

    In 2011 York University set up the AIF to help foster teaching innovation at the university. The fund is targeted at projects geared towards helping the university achieve its strategic priorities as related to teaching and learning (with a focus on experiential education and eLearning) and (first year) student experience.

    Please see the Academic Innovation Fund Website for more information:


    AIF Website


    Currently two of Schulich’s initiatives are supported by the AIF — both residing within the IMBA program. They are supported through the AIF entitled

    Advancing Experiential Education in the Graduate International Business Management Program

    The goal of the first initiative is to fundamentally re-design the career development component of the IMBA by designing a backbone that consists of student assessment, the formulation of personalized development goals, an integrated set of training sessions, interactions and activities that allow the student to acquire or enhance necessary skills, and the eventual application of those skills during the search for an International Work Term placement and during work during the Work Term. The new course will heavily draw upon alumni and executives to support the students in their development.

    The second initiative aims to bring a community engagement component into the program to strengthen the CSR component of the IMBA program, and to help (near-) graduates remain humble. According to the IMBA Program Task Force, the community engagement should sensitize students to the fact that managerial skills are universally useful and that it is important to become a member that contributes to society, not just one’s organization.

    Congratulations to the IMBA Program for winning the funds and for the great work!